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Daily Intelligencer
Daily Intelligencer 1962
Wicks, Alden. "Painter's Brush Dips in Fountain of Youth." Daily Intelligencer [Doylestown], November 16, 1962, p. 16.
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Daily Intelligencer 1968
McCann, Judy. "There's No Quitting for Art Colony Founder Folinsbee." Daily Intelligencer, July 12, 1968, p. 24.
Haas 1968
Hass, Albert. "Artist, Friend Reminisce: Story of New Hope Art Colony Told." Philadelphia Inquirer, September 12, 1968, pp. NE29, NE32.
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Pfeiffer 1968
Pfeiffer, Naomi. "The Arts." Lambertville Beacon, October 3, 1968.
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