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Alterman 2001
Alterman, James M. "Pennsylvania Impressionists & Modernists." American Art Review 13 (October 2001), pp. 210-221.
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Alterman 2005
Alterman, James M. New Hope for American Art. Jim's of Lambertville, 2005.
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Antiques & Arts
Antiques & Arts 2005
"Gratz Gallery to Showcase Pennsylvania Painters." Antiques and the Arts Weekly, October 7, 2005, pp. 90-D.
Austin 2003
Austin, Robert Michael. Artists of the Litchfield Hills. Waterbury, CT: Mattatuck Historical Society, 2003. Exhibition catalogue. For Picture Perfect, held at museums throughout northwest Connecticut in 2003.
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Boca 2003
Boca Raton Museum of Art. America the Beautiful: 19th and 20th Century Paintings from the Walter and Lucille Rubin Collection. Boca Raton: The Museum, 2003. Exhibition catalogue.
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Chambers 2005
Chambers, Bruce W. Maine: A Legacy in Painting, 1830 to the Present. New York: Spanierman Gallery, 2005. Exhibition catalogue. Catalogue of an exhibition to benefit the Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, ME, October 11–November 9, 2005.
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Culver 2001
Culver, Michael. "The Art of John Folinsbee." American Art Review 13, no. 4 (August 2001), pp. 106–111.
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Dearinger and Davis
Dearinger and Davis 2004
Dearinger, David B. and John Davis. Paintings and Sculpture in the Collection of the National Academy of Design. New York: Hudson Hills, 2004.
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Frank 2007
Frank, Sue Behrends. American Impressionists: Painters of Light and the Modern Landscape. Washington, DC: The Phillips Collection, 2007. Exhibition catalogue.
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Gratz 2005
Pennsylvania Painters and the New Hope Circle. New Hope, PA: Gratz Gallery, 2005. Exhibition catalogue.
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Gratz 2007
"Pennsylvania Painters and the New Hope Circle." New Hope, PA: Gratz Gallery, 2007. Exhibition catalogue.
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Hatten 2003
Hatten, Christopher. Through American Eyes: Two Centuries of American Art from the Huntington Museum of Art. Huntington, WV : Huntington Museum of Art, 2003.
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Husby 2003
Husby, Andrea. Birge Harrison: Artist, Teacher and Critic. PhD dissertation, City University of New York, 2003.
Jensen 2007
Jensen, Kirsten. "Contour, Bones, and Skin: Cezanne's Influence on John Folinsbee." Fine Art Connoisseur 4 (July/August 2007), pp. 51–55.
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Lembeck 2008
Lembeck, David. "Rediscovering the People's Art: New Deal Murals in Pennsylvania's Post Offices." Pennsylvania Heritage 34 (Summer 2008), pp. 28–37.
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Lembeck 2009
Lembeck, David and Curtis Minor. "Pennsylvania's New Deal Post Office Murals." American Art Review 21:2 (2009).
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Lowrey 2007
Lowrey, Carol. A Legacy of Art: Paintings and Sculptures by Artist Life Members of the National Arts Club. New York: The National Arts Club in association with Hudson Hills Press, 2007, pp. 98–99, 200.
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Ogunquit 2001
Michael Culver. The Art of John Folinsbee. Ogunquit, ME: Ogunquit Museum of American Art, 2001. Exhibition catalogue.
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Peterson 2001
Peterson, Brian. Up the River: The Pennsylvania Impressionists and Modernists. Princeton, NJ: The Gallery at Bristol-Myers Squibb, 2001. Exhibition catalogue.
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Peterson 2002
Peterson, Brian H., ed. Pennsylvania Impressionism. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press and James A. Michener Art Museum, 2002.
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Peterson 2004
Peterson, Brian H. The Cities, the Towns, The Crowds: The Paintings of Robert Spencer. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 2004.
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Reading Museum
Reading Museum 2004
Enduring Beauty. Reading, PA: Reading Public Museum, 2004.
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