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Antiques & Arts
Antiques & Arts 2011
"'John Folinsbee and American Modernism' at Woodmere Art Museum to March 6." Antiques and the Arts Weekly, January 21, 2011, p. 50.
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Bland 2010
Bland, Bartholomew and Laura Vookles. Paintbox Leaves: Autumnal Inspiration from Cole to Wyeth. Yonkers, NY: Hudson River Museum, 2012. Exhibition catalogue.
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Cash 2011
Cash, Sara, ed. Corcoran Gallery of Art: American Paintings to 1945. Washington, D.C.: Corcoran Gallery of Art, 2011.
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Fine Art
Fine Art 2014a
Joshua Rose. "Poetic Interpretation: Folinsbee Considered (Review)." American Fine Art Review Issue 15 (May/June), pp. 44-45.
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Fine Art 2014b
John O'Hern. "Conducting a Collection." American Fine Art Review Issue 15 (May/June), pp. 56-62.
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Fine Art 2014c
"Auction Preview: Fresh to the Market." American Fine Art Review Issue 15 (May/June), pp. 120-121.
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Foust 2010
Foust, Rebecca. All That Gorgeous Pitiless Song: Poetry by Rebecca Foust. Philadelphia: Many Mountains Moving Press, 2010.
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Gold 2013
Silviane Gold. "Same New York Rivers, but All Else Was New: A Review of ‘Industrial Sublime’ at the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers." New York Times, November 3, 2013, WE9.
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Higgins 2011
Higgins, Edward. "John Folinsbee." ICON, pp. 8–9.
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Jensen 2010
Jensen, Kirsten M. John Folinsbee and American Modernism. Philadelphia: Woodmere Art Museum, 2010. Exhibition catalogue.
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Jensen 2011
Jensen, Kirsten M. "John Folinsbee and American Modernism." American Art Review (February 2011), pp. 90–97.
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Jensen 2013
Jensen, Kirsten M. Folinsbee Considered. Hudson Hills Press, 2013. With an introduction by Brian H. Peterson.
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Jensen & Bland
Jensen & Bland 2013
Kirsten M. Jensen and Bartholomew F. Bland. Industrial Sublime: Modernism and the Transformation of New York's Rivers, 1900-1940. Fordham University Press, 2013. Exhibition catalogue.
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Knight 2010
Knight, Cher Kraus. An Independent Spirit: The Art and Life of R.A.D. Miller. Doylestown, PA: James A. Michener Art Museum, 2010.
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Maine Antiques
Maine Antiques 2011
McCabe, Brian. "In Shad Season on the Banks of the Detroit River." Maine Antique Digest, December 2011, pp. 34-B.
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Mitchell 2010
Mitchell, Mark D. "An Old Philadelphia Master Gets a New Look at Woodmere Exhibit." Chestnut Hill Local 52 (December 30, 2010), pp. 1-2.
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Robertson 2010
Robertson, John E. L. "Presumption of Art." Kentucky Humanities (Fall 2010), pp. 30–38.
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Schweigert 2011
Schweigert, Scott. "American Impressionism: The Lure of the Artists' Colony." American Art Review 23, no. 6 (October 2011), pp. 132-141.
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Sozanski 2010
Sozanski, Edward. "Shifting Landscapes of a New Hope Artist." Philadelphia Inquirer, December 12, 2010, H6. 2010.
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