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A New England Cottage

Oil on canvas
24 x 30 in. (60.96 x 76.2 cm)
Folinsbee 191220s stockbook: pp. 153, 154, 155
Current location unknown


Current location unknown

Exhibition History

1915-16 AFA: Western Circuit Exhibition
1916 Hillyer: Paintings of John F. Folinsbee

Published References

Springfield 1916


As described in the Springfield Republican: "the subject [is] a square-roofed white house, with light green blinds, at a corner where the fence comes down, and against it leans a woman in neighborly gossip. Sturdy old maples, in the yard and outside, produce the true homeliness of the scene as a characteristic Yankee sketch,--but the sweet, strong, magnetic grace which makes it familiar is the melting tide of the ardent summer air that sifts through and fills beneath the gentler shade of the maples."