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Winter Haze

Oil on canvas
16 x 20 in. (40.64 x 50.8 cm)
Folinsbee 191220s stockbook: p. 25
Current location unknown


Sold to Mr. Cornell, October 1915 by Louis Katz, Katz Gallery, from the Ross-Folinsbee exhibition, $250

Exhibition History

1915 Louis Katz NY: Recent Paintings by Harry Leith-Ross and John F. Folinsbee, no. 31
1915 Smythe
1915 Texas: The Woodstock School
1915 Toledo: Recent Paintings by John F. Folinsbee and Harry Leith-Ross, no. 279

Published References

No known literature


According to Folinsbee's log, a pochade with the same title (location unknown) sold the previous August from an exhibition also at Miss Smythe's Tea Room.